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PHY errors

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649ad487da8d65ca9dbbacb818e08f84&rating=pg&size=32 Ant Kittle 2 post(s)

I’ve got a ZD3000 system with a fair few 7363 access points.

On about 4 of these access points I’ve noticed a lot of PHY errors on the 2.4GHz band (as well as high % busy stats).

Can anyone tell me what PHY errors are?

I’m guessing that they’re due to PIR/microwave intruder detectors, fluorescent lights, bad electrics… but can anyone give me any pointers?



D79e47a1661d3444f2ac9dacea6e1c29&rating=pg&size=32 Dom 13 post(s)

PHY errors = physical errors

I’m not sure what the busy stats refer to but there is a source of interference that’s destroying your wireless data packets. Could be anything from a neighbouring AP competing for the same frequency band, APs placed next to fluorescent lighting or sources like you’ve described.
Make sure the APs are set to automatic channel selection and get a Metageek Wi-Spy wireless frequency analyser and check your environment.

649ad487da8d65ca9dbbacb818e08f84&rating=pg&size=32 Ant Kittle 2 post(s)

Thanks Dom – that’s useful to know.

Yeah – I think I will get one of those Wi-Spy gadgets… they look very useful.

B6a281617538a8e093da1e9f7da94a66&rating=pg&size=32 andres11 6 post(s)

What is considered “a lot” of PHY errors?
I have 2,642 errors out of 1.7M/454M packets/bytes received. Should I be concerned?


B5ce9a8cfb8b7934da5a104088e60841&rating=pg&size=32 tanmay 3 post(s)

Same question as above:
PHY Errors : 3119
Packets/Bytes Received 1.9M/275M
Packets/Bytes Transmitted 4.5M/5.0G
Noise Floor -114

194103ad98452c604ef13a9f850ffe9b&rating=pg&size=32 jkltechspeci... 48 post(s)

Like the above poster states, it all depends on your environment. You should check all your AP’s and see what kind of averages you are running. You may find that some AP are in more a ‘noisy/crowded’ radio space and may need to be moved. Could be many things, lighting, microwaves, cordless phones, bad electrical wiring in the area; especially the older it is too. Stuff made 20,15,10 years ago and even today aren’t always built with minimizing RF interference in mind.

I checked my numbers and adding both sending and receiving stats, on average I get about 3000 errors per 100M packets so compared to me, those would seem high. Do some environmental checking; checking bandwidth speeds. If it seems ok to you then I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Where it starts to becomes an issue is when you are doing streaming, VOIP and anything where retransmission of packets is unacceptable.